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Hey, Welcome to my Health & Lifestyle Blog!

I am Christina Brauner a 26 year old British girl who has an interest in living a healthier lifestyle.

Christina August 2018Sharing my interests around healthy eating, travelling abroad on holidays and my opinions on various products is what I will be sharing with you through this blog.

Your Health Stina has been created through my interests in health and my passion for the online world, which allows me to share with you my health and lifestyle journey. 

I was born in London and brought up in beautiful Surrey and live together with my Austrian husband.

My parents brought my sister and I up on a poultry and vegetarian diet, which basically means we ate chicken and turkey but no red meat! I decided I wanted to become pescetarian when I was around 20 years old. So, now my diet consists of fish and vegetarian options.

Although I am not dairy free or vegan I have a great interest in cutting down my intake of dairy and fish and I only buy and opt for milk alternative drinks, as I personally do not like drinking milk and additionally feel that milk from animals is not good.

I have always enjoyed savoury foods rather than sweets and love my vegetables, salads and fruits. When I buy products I am cautious of what I buy in terms of what ingredients it contains as I do my best not to buy products with sugar, sweeteners or E-numbers.

As I am part Maltese (from my Grandad) and I have family and connections in various countries, I love to travel abroad on holidays each year and to visit new places.

Since suffering with panic attacks for a few years as a teenage in my last few years at school and going through a tough stage of life, as well as losing my Grandad, I realise how important health is to me.

I hope that I can be of interest to you through my blog posts and I am to inspire and health others with their life & health journey!

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