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My stay at the Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa – Lanzarote

I am excited to share with you my first ever hotel blog post! Since starting out my blog at the end of August 2018, I haven’t been away until now (December 2018).

My husband & I booked our holiday to the Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa through Expedia back around September, this was booked as a package together with our flights which were with easyJet.

What attracted us to booking this particular hotel?

As my husband prefers to book our holidays through Expedia and take advantage of the Barclays Expedia cashback, we looked at the various hotels available for early December in Lanzarote and having already last year looked into possibly booking a holiday to Lanzarote, I remember already seeing the Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa previously on Expedia.

We came across the hotel again this time round and I knew I really liked the look of it and would love to stay there.

We prefer to stay in 4 – 5* hotels, so being that the Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa is a 5 star hotel this was very attractive for us both.

For me personally, I really loved the look of the photos on Expedia as the location of the hotel looked perfect, right at the beach with a beautiful beach view. Additionally, the photos of the hotel rooms which were sea facing looked just breathtaking!

The photos of the hotel online looked simply amazing and heavenly with a real ‘wow’ factor, which gave me the impression that our hotel stay there would be very peaceful and relaxing.

Stina at Arrecife Gran Hotel

How much did the Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa cost upfront?

In addition to the good quality, clear photos of the hotel winning me over, the overall holiday price of the Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa along with our return flights seemed a good deal.

We booked up for December 2018 (09.12.2018 – 15.12.2018) for a 6 night stay at the Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa in Lanzarote together with our return easyJet flights from London Gatwick to Arrecife.

This only cost us around £650 for 2 people for the 6 nights in Arrecife with our breakfast and flights! And of course … there was also some cashback that we got too, from booking through the Expedia Barclays.

So, how was our stay at the Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa?

Day 1 – 09.12.2018

We arrived at our hotel reception at around 1pm, where we was greeted by a man on reception and offered a welcome drink each. The man was very nice and friendly and kindly explained to us how the hotel works and all the facilities etc that are available within the hotel.

As the hotel check-in is usually around 3pm, we were told to take a seat in the hotel lobby to wait for a short time and one of their ‘Guest experience / Guest relations’ staff members would be with us shortly.

We waited for a short time in the lobby area and was greeted by Sophie Müller, a member of the guest relations team. Sophie was extremely friendly and made us feel very welcomed. Sophie then said she would show us to our hotel room and took us up in the lift where she brought us to our room.

We left our luggage in the room and Sophie then kindly showed us the spa and pool areas and explained to us how it all worked.

Sophie brought us back up to out hotel room and left us to settle in. Within around 5 minutes of Sophie leaving us, we then had a knock on our door for ‘room service’.

The hotel kindly arranged a very warm welcome for us by bringing us room service with a bottle of red wine (Esenica De Fontana – Syrah 2015) and a tray of 4 beautifully displayed chocolate desserts, along with an envelope addressed to us.

Arrecife Gran Hotel room service

My husband and I both felt very welcomed by the Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa and very happy and satisfied with our initial experience and exposure from the hotel.

We relaxed in our hotel room and I had a shower to fresh up before going out for a walk around the area.

We walked back down to the reception and we requested to upgrade our stay to half board to add on the dinner for 5 nights at the discounted rate.

First nights dinner

At around 6:30pm we went down to the restaurant for dinner and were the first to arrive. The dinner is a buffet where you can hep yourself to various dinner options.

Some of the food options included: chips, paella, courgettes, fish in tomato sauce, chicken in a marinade, butternut squash, rice, mixed vegetables, fish with lemon, spaghetti, tagliatelle, tortellini, raw salmon which they can cook for you, salad choices, vegetable pizza and some desserts including panna cotta, creme brulee, mandarine dessert, profiteroles, banana cake and ice cream.

Day 2 – 10.12.2018

First hotel breakfast

We went down for our very first breakfast at the Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa in the morning where they had a choice of cooked breakfast including: scrambled eggs, hash browns, baked beans, cooked tomatoes etc. Additionally, there were also sweet options such as: churros, pancakes, waffles and pastries (croissants etc). Yogurt and fruit such as watermelon was also available.

We spent the day at the beach, which was very simple and easy for us for our first full day in Arrecife. We literally just came out from the hotel and the beach is right there, which is a real plus for the hotel.

Second nights dinner

For the second nights dinner at the hotel they had a themed night which was Asian food. Marc and I had a look around at the food options and was hoping for some nice curries including Thai food, but unfortunately it was mainly Chinese which isn’t my preference. The food choices were mainly red meat and the noodles didn’t look like the type I would enjoy, as they were dark coloured noodles that looked a bit greasy and unappetising.

For me, I felt that it wouldn’t be worth going ahead with the buffet option for that night as it wasn’t what I would have enjoyed and there were not enough options for me as a pescatarian.

I explained to the staff in the restaurant that we would leave the dinner for that night and they informed me that they would happily prepare some vegetarian options for me and they can inform the kitchen to get me some vegetarian sushi made up.

The guest relations lady, very kindly brought out some beautifully presented vegetable sushi for me, which was very sweet of her.

Vegetarian Sushi

However, we did decide to eat out that evening.

Day 3 – 11.12.2018

For our second breakfast, the breakfast choice was the same as the first day.

We spent the day out on a day trip, so by the time we got back to the hotel it was quite late and we were rather tired and exhausted.

Dinner that evening at the hotel had various options which consisted of broccoli, peas, potatoes, fish goujons, other white fish etc and additionally the staff kindly brought me out a plate of cooked vegetables especially for me, which was cooked tomatoes, mushrooms, aubergine, onions and red pepper.

The dinner that evening I preferred to my first nights dinner at the hotel. It was also nice to see that the staff had acknowledged my dietary requirements and put the effort in to try and ensure I had enough food to enjoy.

Day 4 – 12.12.2018


The breakfast was the same food laid out again. The breakfast food choice is cooked mushrooms, scrambled egg, hash browns, cooked tomatoes, meat sausages, churros, pancakes, fried eggs, waffles, some cereal choice (limited), yoghurt, pastries, fruit, bread, prosecco/champagne etc.

aQua + Spa Wellness

We booked in to use the Spa at around 17:00pm, as Sophie had kindly arranged a complimentary pass for each of us to enjoy the Spa area.

The price for access to the Spa area costs €19 per person. This includes an 1 hour 30 minutes use of the sauna, foot bath, jacuzzi, steam room, turkish bath and dynamic pool along with a relaxing break out area.

Upon entry to the Spa, you get given a beach bag with a towel, swimming cap and flip flops.

Marc and I both really enjoyed our time at the Arrecife Gran Hotel Spa and Wellness area and I recommend using it at least once on your stay at the hotel.

The Spa and Wellness area certainly seemed popular and you do need to book in advance to use it.

Within the Wellness area, you can also help yourself to teas and water to keep hydrated.

You can read more about the Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa Wellness area here:

aQua and Spa Wellness Arrecife Gran Hotel


After spending time in the Spa area and feeling relaxed, we then went along to use the Fitness / gym area where we used the various gym equipment such as the cross trainer, running machine, other machinery and weights.

I thought the Fitness suite was a decent size and had everything that was needed in order to keep fit and work out.


After an exhausting time exercising at the gym, dinner was well and truly needed.

For dinner, I wasn’t very impressed with the choice. I chose some breaded cheese, salmon, cooked peppers, some small potatoes, tuna and some tagliatelle with tomato sauce and mozarella cheese.

My husband and I decided that we would be leaving the dinner as just the 3 nights within the hotel. The reasons being were, as although the food choices were slightly different each night there were lots of the same food choices each time and additionally being a pescetarian, I felt that I was slightly limited to what I could eat.

I am also personally rather fussy with food choices in general and I much prefer most restaurant choices over hotel food.

I do however think that for most people the food choice would be relatively adequate. Although, saying that more and more people now are opting for vegetarian or vegan options and this should definitely be something each and every hotel should take into consideration, to ensure that they are meeting everyones needs and they are catering for all dietary requirements.

Day 5 – 13.12.2018


Each morning the hotel has the same breakfast choice. The breakfast always consists of cooked breakfast choice including scrambled eggs, hard boiled eggs, baked beans, mushrooms, cooked tomatoes, hash browns etc, tinned fruit, yoghurt, churros, bread, jams, pancakes, waffles, pastries etc.

Indoor Swimming Pool

In the evening, Marc and I went for a swim at the hotels indoor pool. The swimming pool area is so lovely at night with Christmas lights and music playing.

It’s perfect to use the hotel swimming pool just before dinner, as the pool is very quiet and you can enjoy the pretty lit up pool and enjoy the music.

Arrecife Gran Hotel Pool

Swimming Pool Arrecife Gran Hotel

Day 6 – 14.12.2018

Being that the next day would be our last, I emailed guest relations to mention briefly about the food choices and the fact they were lacking in vegetarian options and for breakfast it would be nice to have some hot porridge.

Additionally, I also enquired about staying in the hotel room a bit longer as our flight home was quite late in the day.

Sophie Müller replied to my email explaining that she would do her best to organise some porridge for us the following morning and in regards to the late check-out, she asked us to make our way down to reception after breakfast in order for us to see if there would be the possibility to have our room a few hours longer.

Day 7 – 15.12.2018


This was our very last breakfast at the hotel. Unfortunately there was no porridge put out, however what I was pleased to see was 2-3 individual yoghurt pots!

I helped myself to the coconut yoghurt pot for breakfast, which I enjoyed as I personally find it a lot more appetising and easier to pick up an individual yoghurt pot, rather than helping myself to some yoghurt from a big bowl, where it is not very hygienic in my opinion.

Coconut yoghurt


After breakfast we made our way to reception to enquire about having our hotel room a bit longer. Unfortunately, we were advised that the hotel was actually fully booked and they couldn’t let us have the room longer. However, they then agreed we can stay an extra hour.

After having the room that bit longer, we went back down to reception to check out. We were waiting to be seen and then one of the receptionists said they would check us out and knew we were ‘Mr & Mrs Brauner’.

The check-out was very quick and straight forward. The lady checked us out and then her male colleague offered to store our luggage safely in a room by reception and we were also offered a glass of champagne.

The only down side at check-out was that we weren’t really asked how our stay was etc and it did feel a little rushed. Considering we stayed at the hotel for a week, you would expect for the hotel staff to ask for our feedback.

My overall opinion of the Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa Lanzarote

Overall I really enjoyed staying at the Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa in Lanzarote.

I thought most of the staff in the hotel were friendly and made us feel welcomed.

I loved the location of the hotel in Arrecife, as it was right on the beach and the tallest building on the Island, which had a lovely view of the beach.

The hotel itself was lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay there. However, the only downsides for me were the hotel food choices with breakfast lacking in no hot porridge, no plain crepes, no vegetarian sausages, limited cereal choice and no individual yoghurt pots. Dinner also lacking in vegetarian options as well.

I would also say the hotel could benefit from an outside swimming pool and an indoor table tennis area.

I highly recommend this hotel for anyone looking to book a hotel stay in Lanzarote.

Beach at Arrecife Gran Hotel


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