Cancer Care Parcel

The Best Gift For Cancer Patients

I have been sent an absolutely amazing gift from Cancer Care Parcel !

Cancer Care Parcel have sent me out one of their hampers, which I luckily got to open on New Year’s Day after being away abroad in Vienna over Christmas.

I have received the ‘Luxurious Cancer Gift Pack | For Women‘ which costs £149.99 !

When I opened my box I was so excited as it was such a big parcel with a huge amount of things in it and being that Christmas has just passed and I opened the majority of my presents on New Years’ Day, this felt like another great Christmas present!

The parcel comes in a brown cardboard box with blue writing on the lid, which says ‘Someone Thinking of You Sent You This Gift‘. I thought this was a really sweet touch !

Someone Thinking Of You

Inside the box you receive a card which lists all the items which you get in your box. Which is certainly very handy to see everything all at one glance!

I counted how many items that are included in the box and there are 23 altogether!

Cancer Care Parcel Check List

The first gift that really stood out to me was the ‘Super Soft Blanket / Throw‘ ! As it was the largest item in the box and it looked so nice!


Everyone can certainly do with a cosy throw! They are fantastic to put over yourself whilst you are relaxing on the sofa to snuggle up to and additionally great to have over you in bed.

Another great item is the super soft neck cushion which is fantastic for long car journeys and travelling, which is particularly great and convenient for cancer care patients who have long car journeys to various medical appointments.

Neck Cushion

The hand sanitiser is another great product to have to hand. Having your own little sanitiser you can just pop in your jacket pocket or in your bag, can make your days out a lot easier and stress-free, giving you peace of mind you can just get this out and help kill off any bacteria or germs.

This is of course very practical for all cancer patients who are in and out of hospital regularly.

Hand Sanitiser

Each and every item within the Cancer Care Parcel is great and all of them have obviously been carefully thought about for those with cancer, as a lot of the time those with cancer have to travel for hours to particular hospitals to be treated for their conditions. Knowing that this box contains all the necessities such as a blanket, neck pillow, eye mask, hand sanitiser, tissues, lunch bag, earphones and even colouring book and colouring pencils, these are all great to carry round, with items to keep you occupied all day long.

Overall I feel that the Cancer Care Parcel is an absolutely fantastic idea and not only is it great for cancer patients to provide them with everyday essentials and extra presents to make their day. It is also a suitable gift to give family and friends for Birthdays and Christmas.

Why not get this gift for someone who may be going through a tough time. Buy it here from Cancer Care Parcel directly!

Additionally they sell various other parcels in different price ranges, why not check them by clicking the link here.


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