Christmas 2018

As Christmas is approaching, we begin to start planning ahead and start looking in to Christmas presents for our family and friends. Each year we begin to question ourselves what we and others may want or need for presents, as a lot of us seem to have pretty much everything and it can start to be a bit difficult at times deciding what to buy.

I have put together some of my Christmas gift ideas, in hope that I can help you this Christmas with getting your presents sorted for everyone.

  1. Salt lamps


Himalayan Salt Lamp


Himalayan salt lamps are a great Christmas gift! Not only do they look fantastic, but they are supposed to help by purifying the air, which can help those with allergies.

Additionally, himalayan salt lamps can help prevent cancer, improve breathing, make you feel happier and help you sleep better.

You can purchase 2 of these on Ebay for just £17.99

2. Reusable collapsable cup

Reusable Cup

With most places now doing away with disposable cups, it is very handy to have your own reusable cup to carry around.

You can get this reusable cup in the following colours: green , grey or blue.

Help our environment and make the switch to using reusable cups!

This particular cup is great as not only can you reuse it for various hot or cold drinks, it also collapses together, making it super compact and easy to take around with you.

Another great advantage to having a reusable cup is that places like Starbucks, Costa and Pret will give you a small discount off your hot drink by using your own cup.

So know any tea or coffee addicts? This would be the ideal gift for them!

You can purchase this reusable collapsable cup on Ebay for a bargain at £3.29

3. Necklace

Statement Made JewelleryNecklace Statement Made Jewellery

This beautiful necklace is so delicate and dainty and is the perfect Christmas present for your mum, nan, sister, auntie, daughter or friend.

It is the perfect necklace to wear every day and show off with various outfits.

This can have a personalised touch to it with the coloured birthstone gem to tailor the necklace to whoever you are buying it for.

Here you can purchase this silver birdcage and birthstone necklace from Statement Made Jewellery.

4. Chocolate Kit

Organic Chocolate Starter KitThis organic raw chocolate starter kit from Indigo Herbs is perfect for Christmas time!

This chocolate kit contains all the necessary ingredients to make the most delicious and nutritious raw chocolate for Christmas.

Raw chocolate is nutritious, containing over 300 nutrients. This is so much better than your typical Christmas chocolate you find in the supermarkets and better still it gives you that enjoyment as well to make it the way you like.

You can purchase this fantastic and healthy raw chocolate kit here from Indigo Herbs.

5. Ghee

Coconut GheeThis coconut ghee from Ghee Easy and is great to cook with, so why not take it along to your Christmas dinner or wrap it up for someone as a Christmas present together in a hamper?

You can purchase this coconut ghee here from Ghee Easy.

6. Bamboo Hair Brush

Bamboo HairbrushKnow someone who is looking to take good care of their hair?

This bamboo hair brush is great to help strengthen and improve your hair and keep your hair looking and feeling healthier.

Bamboo is a natural and sustainable material and is 100% biodegradable, which makes this an environmentally friendly hair brush.

This bamboo hair brush can also help with static hair problems and leaving your hair looking lovely and shiny.

Purchase this as a Christmas present from The Body Shop.

7. Essential Oil Diffuser

Diffuser AnjouEvery household needs one of these fantastic essential oil diffusers!

I cannot recommend this enough, as it is honestly a great product to have at home to diffuse essential oils and additionally looks very modern and stylish with the beautiful wooden effect bottom and colour changing lights.

You can read more about this Anjou diffuser from my previous blog post here.

Purchase this now in time for Christmas here from Amazon.

8. Bamboo Toothbrushes

Humble Co Bamboo ToothbrushesThese are a great addition to add to kids Christmas stockings or additionally wrap up for your family and friends.

I am sure there are still a lot of you buying and using plastic toothbrushes that you throw away every month or so. Why use and buy the cheap plastic toothbrushes that cause harm to our plant? when you can help our planet by opting for these bamboo toothbrushes!

These bamboo toothbrushes are eco-friendly and come in various colours to suit everyone, so you and your family can all get one and can easily distinguish one from the other.

Purchase your ‘The Humble Co’ bamboo toothbrushes here from Superdrug. You can additionally purchase these from Boots , Waitrose, Holland & Barrett , Planet Organic , Whole Foods and many more.




  1. Lovely ideas. I wouldn’t mind the Essential Oil Diffuser – prefer it over scented candles as you can make your own essential oil combinations to boost your mood and well-being.

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