How I found out about the competition

I came across an Instagram post on Chessie King’s Instagram with a competition together with JD Women for International Women’s Day. The competition prize was to be featured in Zara Larsson’s new music video. The competition was announced on 05/03/2017 advising that you needed to post a picture of you & your bestie, tag JD Women & hashtag SOGood.


I entered the competition by posting a photo of me and my sister on my Instagram page with the hashtag #SoGood. I didn’t really think much of it and would never have expected for us to win the competition.

JD Women then contacted me on Instagram on 13th March 2017, saying ‘’Congratulations, your post has been chosen for the winner of the Zara Larsson competition.’’ JD Women asked if me and my sister Caroline were both available to attend the filming on Wednesday 15th March 2017 to feature in the music video, which we confirmed we could attend.

Organising the filming

JD Women asked me to provide both myself and Caroline’s clothing and footwear sizes and confirmed they would be arranging a car to pick us both up from Surrey and take us to Essex for the shoot.

JD Women also advised they would put us up in a hotel for the night in Essex and then advised after that they spoke to Nike and they would put us in a taxi straight back to our houses after the shoot.

Filming in Essex

My sister and I were collected around 16:00 pm by a private hire vehicle organised by JD Women and were not aware of where in Essex we were going to.

The driver confirmed to us that it was Arena Essex Raceway and it was all quite exciting to see how the evening would plan out.

Upon arrival Caroline and myself were met by someone who walked us into the location building. We explained to some women who were dealing with outfit changing, hair and make-up who we were and why we were there etc and no one really seemed to know about us.

Eventually we were met by Lucy from JD Women and another lady from Nike Women and although I was the one who had entered the competition for us both, the attention all appeared to be towards my sister as the winner.

We were asked to be filmed with our belongings walking into one of the rooms and putting down our bags. We were then each given a JD drawstring bag each with some clothing, which we were asked to change into for the filming.

We were both given Nike clothing; leggings and a cropped t-shirt, tracksuit bottoms and a tracksuit fleece and trainers.

Film Set

Hair and makeup

After getting dressed into our Nike gear, the next step was hair and makeup. Caroline went first to get her hair curled and make-up done by two women, whilst I sat and watched and was given a pair of snapchat glasses to put on and film the preparation up to the event.

Lucy from JD Women got us to do some boomerangs and took some voice recordings of us.

It was then my turn to get my hair and makeup done, which was exciting to finally get into the swing of things and start looking decent for the video shoot.

Going out on set

It was time to go out on set and meet Zara Larsson and by this time it was getting quite dark and cold.

I quickly rushed to get some contact lenses in so I could see clearly and feel more confident.

Caroline and myself both walked on to the racetrack along with the ladies from JD Women and Nike Women and a camera guy. We were introduced to Zara Larsson as the chosen winners and Zara seemed to recognise us and was very friendly. We greeted each other with a hug and had a little conversation before getting some photos taken together.

There was a race car in the middle of the field and backing dancers surrounding the car in a half moon circle.

The film crew and staff began playing Zara’s new track – ‘Don’t Let Me Be Yours‘ and began to set fire to the burnt out race car. We were all told to start dancing as the heat from the burning car started to warm us up and Zara was dancing just in front of the car.

Video crew started going round to get closer shots of everyone and came quite close to Caroline and myself at one point.

The filming was relatively quick as they had already been filming most of the day and it was getting very late in the day.

Burritos were given out to everyone at the end and Nike and JD Women arranged for a car to pick us up and drop us home.

Stina, Zara Larsson & Caz

The music video release

When Zara Larsson’s music video was released my sister and I were both quite shocked that we were nowhere to be seen in the video till right at the end where you would see us at a glance in the distance.

Considering we were chosen as winners to feature in the new music video and the fact that we were provided with Nike clothing to wear for the video and went through all the trouble of taking the day off work and being out hours. We felt that it wasn’t as we expected for it to plan out.

Additionally, apart from the clothing that was given to us we felt we didn’t get much out of it all and it wasn’t as described by the JD competition advertisement where they explained we would stay in a hotel overnight.

We were also informed by Lucy that they would be putting together a full YouTube video of the whole event from us arriving, to getting hair and make-up done and being on set. Unfortunately, this never happened and we were not provided with the photographer’s photos and videos that were taken professionally.

Overall experience

Overall, despite the negative factors I have mentioned, we both were very grateful to be chosen by Zara Larsson herself and felt privileged to meet Zara and feature in her ‘Don’t Let Me Be Yours‘ music video.

Not to mention working with Nike Women and JD Women which was really exciting and a fantastic experience.



  1. Wow that is such an interesting experience, I love the behind the scenes info in your post.
    It is disappointing though that it didn’t seem to be very organised and things that you were told didn’t happen but as you said a great once in a life time experience x

  2. Love stuff like this, I’ve appeared in 6 episodes of Towie now which are obviously all in Essex too and the days filming sounds exactly like your day on set of the music video x

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