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I attended the Go Organic Festival 2018 on Saturday 8th September, which was held at Battersea Park in London.

I came along with my Husband, Dad and Sister and we luckily managed to park up for free in the Battersea Park Car Park as we attended the event relatively late in the day.

When we arrived there was a barn area towards the front of the event where they had animals to look at and stroke. There were sheep, goats, rabbits, chickens and chicks as well as black pigs.

I thought this was really lovely and I was just mesmerised by all the animals. I thought they were all so cute and adorable and it is not often that you get to be so close to these types of animals. However, I did feel quite sad when looking at the animals to think that there are so many people out there that eat these poor innocent animals and it just breaks my heart.

After spending some time near the animal barns, we then moved on and noticed a ferris wheel and a carousel ride which looked great enjoyment!

There was a Babybel stand where they were giving out Organic Babybel’s and coupons as well as a pretty little deck chair area.

There were tents set up with various stands for drinks and food such as organic beers and ciders. The stands had samples to try as well as products to purchase at a special offer along with a cotton shopping bag.

Additionally there was an indoor building with a load of stalls set up inside. It was all beautifully lit up with a black ceiling with pretty fairy lights all above.

Inside there were beauty stands with make-up and skin care products, coconut milks and oils, gins, fruit powders, chocolate, ghees, teas and dried fruit etc.

Most stands had samples to try of drinks, beauty products and food as well as samples to take away.

Here are some of the companies that were at the event:

My overall impression of the event was that it was actually a really lovely laid out event with everything from animals and rides to food and drink.

The location was ideal to be held within Battersea Park as you could go to the event as well as walk around the actually park itself.

I was very pleased to have attended the event as it made a lovely day out and I also managed to come across new products that I wasn’t aware of. This festival wasn’t the type of event where you could of took home a load of freebies, however it was definitely a decent event to try out various products and to interact with the companies behind each stand.

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