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This is my first blog post in relation to holiday travel! I hope you find it helpful!

I went on holiday to Lanzarote in December 2018 with my husband Marc. We stayed in Arrecife, which is the capital of Lanzarote.

We stayed at the Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa, which is located right on the beach and is the tallest building on the island. You can read all about our stay at the Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa here: Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa Review 

This was my husband’s first visit to Lanzarote, however I had already been on holiday to Lanzarote previously in December 2007.

I knew I wanted to see the camels again in Lanzarote and see as much as possible, so we booked a tour through LCT Lanzarote.

LCT Lanzarote – Grand Tour

We booked the Grand Tour of Lanzarote with Low Cost Tours Lanzarote and the cost for this was €45 per person.

Funny enough, I actually did this tour already with my Dad back in 2007.

We got collected by a coach at one of the pick up points, which was luckily just across the road from our hotel (Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa).

Before we got on the coach we were given a coloured wrist band, this was to divide us up by different tours as not everyone had booked the full day Grand Tour.

El Campo

The first stop of our tour was at the El Campo Restaurante, which was where we were given a little break and where our coach split up. Marc and I had to move to another coach from this point on, in order to join the others also doing the Grand Tour.

El Golfo

Then our tour kicked in where we first visited the El Golfo, which was very volcanic looking. We climbed up the hill and reached a view point, where we looked down to the Green Lagoon / Lago Verde, which looks like a little lake of green algae coloured water. The scenery is rather magnificent to see and quite fascinating with the black volcanic rock all around.

El Golfo

This is definitely a must see in Lanzarote and of course makes great photos!

We then walked back down from seeing the Green Lagoon and walked up another path where we had another viewing point of the blue sea, surrounded by more volcanic rocks and the waves hitting the bay. It was rather windy up there!

El Golfo Sea View

Parque Nacional De Timananfaya

The next stop of the tour was to see the camels and have the option of paying the extra for the camel ride. I was really looking forward to seeing the camels and going for the camel ride, however Marc had a discussion with me prior and said that he didn’t want to do the camel ride as it is not fair for the camels.


The camel ride costs €6 each, so we got off the coach and started queuing up for the camel ride. We then made our way through between all the camels which were sat on the ground lined up. We then sat down on the green metal seats which were padded with brown leather padding and one of the camel operating guys helped us to get strapped in. The guy also added some bags of sand tied to my side in order to even out the weight between us.

Camel Ride Lanzarote

Once everyone in our line was sat on the camels, we were then ready to go. The camels began to get up one by one after being pulled up by the men in charge, the camels didn’t look very happy and it felt quite strange.

The camels each had a short metal chain between them to connect them altogether and they hardly had much movement between the other camels. As the camels began climbing the hills with us on board, I realised that this just wasn’t right and the poor camels all looked very sad and the weight of carrying us humans was very draining and exhausting for them.

The camels all climbed the steep hills and then came down the hills, which looked like a right chore for them! You can only imagine how the legs and knees felt with all the weight on top of them.

We finally reached back at the same place where we got on to the camels and I was so pleased that the camel ride had come to an end. It wasn’t particularly comfortable for my husband and I, let alone the poor camels.

The men started at the front of the queue (we were second in line) , where they togged on to the the metal chain in order for the camel to get down on to their knees back on to the ground, to allow us to jump off.

Camels Timanfaya

I can honestly say, it is actually quite upsetting to know these camels work each day till around 1 or 2pm, carrying people up and down the hill constantly and having all the chains and mouth guards on them.

If everyone on these tour coaches were all to say ‘No’ to the camel rides and stop paying the extra to the guys running this place, then they wouldn’t be able to operate any longer and the camels wouldn’t have to work for hours each day carrying people.

So, my suggestion to you if you are looking to do the Grand Tour in Lanzarote, please do not opt to do the camel ride! Instead please help these camels!

Islote de Hilario 

We then stopped at Islote de Hilario in Tinajo, where they do the geothermal experiments. 

The first experiment was that they poured water in to some holes in the ground and being that it is a volcanic island the holes where so hot that hot steam shot out.

They then dug up some stones off from the ground we were standing on and placed a few in our hands, everyone dropped the stones out from their hands as they were so hot.

The guy then got some straw and put it in to a hole in the ground where it then caught fire and was burning with the extreme heat from under the ground.

We were then shown some sort of hole that looked like a well, but that had metal shelves across like a barbecue and meat on top which they were cooking for the restaurant there.

Islote de Hilario

This part of the tour was also really interesting and quite surprising to see the phenomenal heat that is there.

Restaurante El Campo

We then stopped for lunch back at Restaurante El Campo in Yaiza, where a lot of people on our coach paid our tour guide some money for the lunch buffet at the restaurant.

We didn’t pay for the lunch buffet, so we went for a little walk in the area instead.

Lanzarote Aloe Plus

A short walk down the road we came across the Lanzarote Aloe Plus Museum, where they have free entry to walk in and look around at everything. The place was only very small, but we were given a cut off piece of aloe leaf when we first arrived and then read the information up on the walls about how good aloe vera is for you and how it can help with so many problems.

Aloe Plus Lanzarote

We then sat down on a chair where we watched a short video all about aloe vera, which was very interesting and informative and we both really enjoyed watching it.

At the end we came round to the Aloe Plus Lanzarote shop where they have a range of products that they sell, including soaps, deodorants, hand wash, creams, aloe vera gel, aloe vera leaves and bags etc.

Aloe Vera Museum

The Aloe Plus Lanzarote Museum is really interesting to go and see! We were walking around the whole time applying aloe vera from the cut off piece of leaf we were given, it felt so cooling and fresh on our skin.

Although the Lanzarote Aloe Plus Museum is not part of The Grand Tour, you can still go along and add this visit in yourself just like what we did! Whether you decide to go ahead with the lunch at El Campo or not, just pop in for a short time to have a look around.

Bodega Antonio Suarez SL

We arrived at Bodega Antonio Suarez vineyard for the wine tour. We were offered either a sample of sweet or dry wine to try. We both requested the sweet wine sample, which tasted like a moscatel / dessert wine and was very nice.

Bodega Antonio Suarez

We had the option to buy a bottle of the wine if we liked it, the bottles were around €8 per bottle.

After the wine tasting we all looked around the little gift shop they had there which had souvenirs you could buy.

Centros de Arte, Culturay Turismo – Cabildo de Lanzarote – Jameos Del Agua

This was the final part of of Grand Tour of Lanzarote ! We went to visit the volcanic cave of Jameos Del Agua, a place that has been transformed by an artist called Cesar Manrique.

We climbed up some stairs where we reached a cave with water, the place was very dark and you could hardly see the water, this was called the ‘Cueva de Los Verdes’.

Cave Jameos Del Agua

We then carried on walking and came across a stunning swimming pool, which was painted white and had the clearest blue water you had ever seen. The pool was just mesmerising with a very unique look.

I believe the swimming pool is reserved for just the Kind of Spain to swim in.

Jameos Del Agua Pool

Jameos Del Agua was certainly another lovely place of the tour we visited and was very pretty.

My summary of the Grand Tour of Lanzarote

Overall, we really loved the Grand Tour! It is a whole day out driving around with a coach and stopping at various places, but you certainly see a lot and it is really worth doing.

On each coach you always get a tour guide which tells you some historical information as you drive around, which is very helpful.

The only thing, I would say as I mentioned previously is that personally I wouldn’t recommend paying the extra for the camel ride.

I hope you found my post very helpful!

Grand Tour


  1. Looks like you had an amazing time, your pictures look stunning too! I have been to Lanzarote once before and it was incredible, very hot though haha. Glad you had a fab time 🙂

    Chloe xx

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