D-Mannose Tablets

Kidney Pain in Conjunction with a Urine Infection

I was out in Vienna for Christmas and when I was walking around the shopping streets and centres, I began to get a very achy feeling in my kidney area which is just below the rib cage and to the sides of your stomach on your back.

My husband has often told me how he has had kidney pains himself and it was through not drinking enough fluids.

When this achy kidney pain kicked in, all I wanted to do is drink because I panicked and just wanted the achy feeling to go.

I had my kidney pain quite consistent throughout December and January and it began to get more frequent and more painful.

Being the worrying person I am, I booked a doctors appointment and saw an out of hours doctor at a local doctor surgery.

Urine Test for a Urine Infection

The doctor suggested for me to do a urine test there and then and if my urine had blood and puss in it, then that would mean I had a urine infection. So, I passed some urine into a test tube and the doctor checked it and said ”you are not drinking enough and your urine has blood and puss in it, so you have a urine infection”.

The funny thing was though, I only had kidney pain but I did not have cystitis or a burning feeling when I went to the toilet. I did however feel very slight discomfort, there in my lower abdomen/bladder area but not when passing urine.

Nitrofurantoin for urine infection

The doctor gave me a prescription and prescribed me with a course of antibiotics called ‘Nitrofurantoin‘. I was very wary about taking this medication, because as you may know I am very anti-drugs and would always rather take the natural alternatives. However, as I had already been having aching kidneys since before Christmas and I had just been told I had a urine infection on the 17th January, I already had this going on for quite a while and I just wanted to get it sorted.

I took my prescription along to Boots pharmacy the following day on my work lunch break and paid the prescription price to collect the Nitrofurantoin, which I took the 1st tablet that evening.

The course of Nitrofurantoin tablets I was given was a course of 10 tablets, to be taken twice daily over 5 days. (These were 100mg Prolonged-release capsules.)

I felt quite sick and tired from the Nitrofurantoin which is a possible side effect from these drugs.

Despite finishing the course of these antibiotics, I was still experiencing discomfort in my kidney area around a week later.

Nitrofurantoin Capsules


My Dad had a container of D-Mannose which he had already bought and had at home, so he gave these to me to take in addition.

If only I would have had these to take before I was prescribed with the drugs, then I would have just took these to see if they would help rectify the problem.

What is D-Mannose?

D-Mannose is a natural food supplement used to treat UTI (Urine Tract Infections). These are suitable for vegans and vegetarians and they are gluten, wheat and dairy free.

It is a type of sugar molecule that naturally occurs in a variety of both fruit and vegetables.

D-Mannose Nu U Nutrition

Blood test and ultrasound

I went back to the doctors after still having the kidney pain and I requested for some blood tests and an ultrasound to get my liver and kidneys checked.

I had the blood tests first, which all came back fine and then I went and had an ultrasound around my kidney area which was also all fine.


Tips for Dealing with Kidney Pain

My advice would be, if you are experiencing kidney pain to make sure you:

    1. Are drinking plenty of water regularly throughout the day.
    2. Get checked for a Urine Tract Infection.
    3. If you have a Urine Tract Infection, buy some D-Mannose tablets.
    4. Buy some 100% pure cranberry juice, such as Biona Organic Pure Cranberry Juice.
    5. Ask your GP for a blood test and get your Liver function tested.
    6. Request an ultrasound at your GP.