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My first blood test at 23 years old

I would just like to inform you firstly that I have a phobia of hospitals and needles and I absolutely hate blood tests, however I requested a blood test with my local GP to get several levels checked.

I went along with my younger sister to the hospital to get my blood test done and I was so scared and nervous with sweaty hands and when I turned up in the room I was already freaking out.

When it was time for the nurses to start the process I started crying, the nurses said they couldn’t do it unless I sat still and was calm and they asked if I was happy to do it. My sister looked at me and said ‘you want it done Christina don’t you, you want to see if you are all healthy’, so I cried and confirmed I wanted it done.

I cried and screamed throughout the process and found it really painful. After having my blood test done, I then walked out with my sister to the main part of the hospital. I came over really ill feeling weak and faint like I was going to collapse, my sister got me some water and after going very pale in my face I began to feel a bit better and get my colour back.

My first blood test results – May 2016

My Liver function test came back ‘Acceptable’ highlighted in red.

  • My Serum albumin level came back as 53 g/L (optimal level 35.00-52.00g/L)
  • Serum alkaline phosphatase as 31 iu/L (optimal level 35.00-104.00iu/L)
  • Serum ALT level was 13 iu/L (optimal level <33.00iu/L)

My Dad is very interested in health, so after receiving these test results back he managed to help me look in to what these results where and what may be the cause for my levels to be slightly out of the optimal levels.

We read up that Serum albumin is the type of protein which the liver makes and is one of the most abundant proteins in the blood.

A high Serum albumin level could be down to dehydration or eat protein rich diet. For me I believe this could have been down to dehydration as I don’t really drink that frequently.

Serum alkaline phosphatase measures alkaline phosphatase enzymes in your bloodstream.

A low level of Serum alkaline phosphatase could be down to malnutrition and a deficiency in certain minerals and vitamins such as Zinc.

With this in mind, my Dad advised for me to ensure I drink plenty of fluids such as water and herbal teas and to consume not only my 3 meals a day but to also snack on nuts.

Second blood test results – October 2017

My liver results were:

  • Serum total protein – 79 g/L (optimal level 64-83g/L)
  • Serum bilirubin level – 7 umol/L (optimal level <21.00umol/L)
  • !Serum ALT level – 171 iu/L (optimal level <33.00iu/L)

As you can see from my Serum ALT level that my levels came back sky high, which was very concerning. I was rather worried if this could have been liver damage.

The Doctors requested for me to have another blood test done to ensure that it was not something temporarily causing this.

I had yet another blood test – November 2017

This was to double-check my liver function again.

My results came back as:

  • Serum total protein – 76 g/L (optimal level 64-83g/L)
  • Serum albumin – 51 g/L (optimal level 35-52g/L)
  • Serum bilirubin level – 6 umol/L (optimal level <21.00umol/L)
  • Serum alkaline phosphatase – 36 iu/L (optimal level 35-104iu/L)
  • Serum ALT level – 13 iu/L (optimal <33.00iu/L)

With these test results I was very pleased to see that my Serum ALT level was back to a normal level and had actually dropped quite significantly to what is was previously at 171 iu/L.

During the time from finding out about my concerning Serum ALT level to going along for a follow up liver function test, I had cut out all vitamins and supplements that I was consuming at the time in order to see my true results.

I believe my high Serum ALT level could have been down to the Biotin supplement I was taking at the time in order to help me with my hair growth as I have quite thin hair that doesn’t grow too well.

I have since had a really long period where I was not taking any Biotin as I was quite worried this was the cause for my liver function tests to not be right.

I now take my Biotin supplements very occasionally and do not currently have a set routine for when I take them.

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