British Girl in Vienna

Travel is a topic that I find very interesting, as I love going on holidays and visiting new countries.


I was born in London close to Big Ben and I grew up in Surrey. I love London and it is the place I call home.

There is so much to do and see in London and I couldn’t get bored.

Although both of my parents are British, my Grandad was half Maltese and half Sicilian.

I have been to Malta a few times, not as much as I would have liked however I feel very connected to Malta due to my Grandad being born there and the fact I have a lot of relatives out there as well.

Malta is a great country with Gozo so close too. The climate is lovely and mainly warm all year round, there are great beaches and restaurants to visit, you can walk for hours.

Valletta being the Capital of Malta is a must see and makes a great day out.

Popeye Village in Mellieha is one of my favourite places, as you can take a visit to the Popeye film set and enjoy a boat ride as well.

My husband is from Vienna, Austria and I moved out there at the age of 18 years old straight after finishing school. I lived in Vienna together with my husband for 2 years where I enjoyed the lovely hot summers and suffered the very cold winters, however I thought Vienna was a lovely place.

I found it really easy to use the public transport and get around on my own. I managed to get by speaking basic German and did take on some German evening classes to try and help me further.

Vienna is another place I feel connected to, due to Austria being the country my husband is from.


I really love learning languages and I would love to be fluent in German, French and Italian.

I learnt French from a young age at French classes and then learnt it at school. I absolutely loved French at school and took a French GCSE.

Additionally, I learnt Italian for a couple of years at evening class and I really enjoyed it as well.

I now speak basic German and nag my husband all the time to help me learn German further and rather than speak in English with me to speak in German. However that hasn’t really worked, as my husband just speaks in English to me.


I have only ever currently travelled on holiday within Europe and I have a load of places I would love to go on holiday to.

My husband and I have done a few car trips together, the first being our Honeymoon trip in 2015 to France where we went to Paris, Mougins, Cannes and Monaco.

We also drove through France, Germany, Austria and Luxembourg in 2017, which was a lovely experience.

We have so far flown abroad to: Rome, Malta, Benidorm, Ibiza, Amsterdam and Zurich.

Some places I still currently want to visit are: Sweden, Denmark, Barcelona, Venice, Budapest, Dominican Republic, Canada, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand.

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