natracare ultra extra pads

Natracare have kindly provided me with 3 of their products:

  • Ultra extra pads (10) super
  • Panty liners (30) curved
  • Cotton tampons (16) super

Normally over the years I have bought shops own brands, always or bodyform sanitary towels. I have never used tampons, as personally I feel I wouldn’t get on well with them, I wouldn’t feel comfortable using them and I feel that they could perhaps be a bit dangerous.

I personally stick to sanitary towels with wings and I like to wear a long fit type. I don’t actually get why you wouldn’t opt for the sanitary towels with wings, as these are a lot more secure and ones without wings are just risky to use.

Natracare – ultra extra pads (10) super

These are a pack of 10 ultra extra pads with a super absorption rating, meaning they are relatively strong and sufficient to hold a substantial amount of blood.

So, what is great about this pack of sanitary towels? They are:

  • Organic cotton
  • Plastic free
  • Perfume free
  • Chlorine free
  • Biodegradable
  • Waterproof plant-based back

My initial thoughts of the packaging:

The sanitary towels are stored in a cardboard box – which is great to recycle and helps our planet.

Inside the box, the sanitary towels are all individually wrapped in compostable starch film – which is eco-friendly. This film looks and feels identical to the typical sanitary towel wrappers, but is a much better substance for our planet.

natracare ultra extra box

My thoughts on the look and feel of the pads:

Once opening up the first sanitary towel wrapper, I felt the sanitary pad was almost like good quality kitchen roll and had a very similar feel with the strong and slightly rough texture.

The sanitary pads smelt natural and clean without any artificial fragrance.

Having wings is necessary for me, which luckily these have. The wings felt thin and wrapped round well.

The sizing of the pads is a reasonably good length, however I personally prefer using the ‘long’ or ‘night’ length types in the first few days of my cycle where my period is slightly stronger, especially if I am out at work or going to sleep. I do know natracare sell the long packs too with wings, so it would be great to give these a go.

natracare sanitary towel

What I love most about the natracare products:

What is great about the natracare ultra extra pads is the fact they are natural sanitary towels that contain no fragrances to cause any harm to our bodies, which lets us feel at ease. Additionally the majority of sanitary towels out there are made with plastic, which of course isn’t good in terms of doing the best we can for our planet. As these sanitary towels are plastic free they are designed to biodegrade under warm and humid conditions.



  1. Glad you made this post . I dread when my period comes because I hate pads and tampons . I use the always brand and they are uncomfortable to me . I will try these out hopefully they will be less irritating.

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