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RESCUE Remedy is a brand that I really love and is important to me and is what helped me as a teenager when going through a tough time.

Panic Attacks

When I was a teenager I started suffering with panic attacks, which was brought on through the stress at school from exams and studying and in addition through a failed friendship at school.

I was suffering on a daily basis when I was 16 – 17 years of age and I was constantly feeling upset, scared and exhausted.

My panic attacks where completely new to me and I didn’t know what was wrong at first. They made me feel very uneasy and insecure and I was always left wondering if I may have some underlying illness.

Going out of the house with my Mum in the car I was constantly feeling anxious and ill and I felt a lot worse and claustrophobic when my Mum started playing relatively loud music in the car.

Sitting down at home in the evenings in front of the computer I continuously felt weak and ill and I was often having these bigger attacks of panic where at quite a few times I was thinking my heart was stopping or missing beats. I felt very afraid and panicky by this and it was a big drain on my mental health.

When my Dad wanted to watch films in the evening certain films used to really trigger off my panic attacks leaving me with extremely sweating hands, a racing heart beat and in tears. I often had to walk out of the living room where my family where sitting watching a film or TV and go and get myself a drink or sit somewhere quieter to feel more at ease and less tense.

Going abroad on flights made me really worry and flying was such a struggle for me. I used to get quite freaked out when having to hand over my water bottle at the airport security and I used it as a comforter for my panic attacks. I often walked on the flight with an empty water bottle to make me feel that bit at ease. Take off caused me to feel very nervous and I often began to cry and feel very scared to what might happen.

Luckily my Mum & Nan looked in to what could be of help to me when walking round the Supermarkets. They came across the RESCUE REMEDY products and brought me back a couple of RESCUE REMEDY Sprays and drops.

Finding RESCUE Remedy

After trying out the RESCUE REMEDY Spray for the first time since suffering with my panic attacks I immediately felt that it had helped comfort and reassure me.

I was really happy to have the RESCUE REMEDY Spray that I could carry around with me in my bag and use at any time where I was really struggling. I felt that the RESCUE REMEDY products really helped me and were perfect for helping me feel calm and more at ease.

Knowing that the RESCUE REMEDY products where a natural remedy which was based on alcohol and water with diluted flower essence made me feel very pleased as I am all for natural alternatives and healthy solutions.

About RESCUE Remedy

RESCUE REMEDY was developed by Mr Bach around 80 years ago. RESCUE REMEDY is made from blended with several individual flower essences, which are:

  • Impatients
  • Rock Rose
  • Star of Bethlehem
  • Cherry Plum
  • Clematis

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