Natural Products for Anxiety

Top 10 Natural Products To Help with Anxiety

I have recently been experiencing what I believe is anxiety since the end of February 2019. This originally came on whilst I was on the train home from work and since then I have had tension/pressure in my head, tingling and a very unclear head as well as fear and loneliness.

I have since been trying various natural remedies, natural products and methods which can help me relax more.

Here are the products and tips I have come across so far:

  1. Essential Oils – I have been using essential oils since around October 2018, which I have found to be very therapeutic. I love to diffuse oils in my diffuser and also use my candle burner as well as the aroma from the oils smells so lovely and makes me feel happy and relaxed.
  2. L-Theanine – I have some L-Theanine powder, which I bought from Bulk Powders and I have read that this can help calm and relax those with anxiety.
  3. CBD – I have not currently tried CBD Oil but I have been hearing about CBD products over the last few years and how they can help with so much, such as cancer, illnesses, stress and anxiety. Cannibidiol comes from cannabis plants and is extracted into oils and is often mixed with substances such as coconut oil. (I have just recently been gifted some CBD products and will be posting some reviews soon)
  4. Kalms – I bought some Kalms back years ago when I had my panic attacks, I remember using a few of them and then eventually the product when out of date as I never got round to using them. They were very sweet and reminded me of medication from the look of the tablet. I have just recently bought Kalms again to give them another go with my anxiety.
  5. Rescue Remedy – I have used Rescue Remedy for a while now, originally tried these products out when I had my panic attacks and then I was gifted various products last year and now use these to help with my anxiety. Rescue Remedy use the Bach flower remedy which has been around for years.
  6. 5-HTP – I have had 5-HTP at home for a few years now, which I bought after reading about it helping with relaxation and sleep. 5-HTP is supposed to help support a positive mood and promotes relaxation and sleep. I have not tried using this with my current anxiety yet, but this is something I will need to give a go.
  7. NytolNytol is a herbal tablet that is used to help you sleep better. This is made with hop strobile, valerian and passion flower. I haven’t used this enough yet to notice the effects.
  8. Himalayan Salt Lamp – Himalyan rock salt / halite comes from Punjab, Pakistan. The pink colour comes from the minerals – magnesium and iodine. The himalayan salt lamps release negative ions which help reduce anxiety.
  9. A.VogelA.Vogel do a Stress Relief Daytime – Valerian-Hops Oral Drops which is supposed to help with stress and anxiety. You are supposed to put around 10-20 drops in a glass of water  twice daily. I have tried this a couple of times and thought it tasted horrible, however I will be giving this another go. (I have been gifted with this)
  10. Aroma sticksAROMASTICK stock a variety of natural aroma stick inhalers with organic essential oils which are not only great if you are ill with a cold and stuffy nose, but are nice to use when feeling a bit anxious. (I came across these at an event a couple of years ago)

I hope that if you are suffering with stress and anxiety or panic attacks that you find this helpful to you and you will give these a go.

I will be sharing reviews of some of these products on my blog in due course, once I have tried and tested these further.

Please note that I am not a health professional or nutritionist, but I am very interested in natural alternatives and products and this is my understanding from my own research.

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