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What you can do to help Anxiety

I have experienced panic attacks in the past and suffered with them for a year or two and most recently I have been experiencing anxiety.

Anxiety and panic attacks can be very difficult and hard to deal with, however I have tried various things that have been of help to me and I would love to share with you as well!

  1. Rescue Remedy – I have been using Rescue Remedy products since I was 17, over the past 8 years or so and I feel these are great to have with you when out and about especially the Rescue Remedy Spray! You can read more about the Rescue Remedy products by reading my review here. (I have worked with Rescue Remedy previously)
  2. Diffusers – Essential Oil Diffusers are fantastic to use at home. I purchased mine on Amazon and I can’t recommend these enough! My full review on diffusers is here. You can purchase the Anjou Diffuser here on Amazon. (Affiliate link)
  3. Himalayan Salt Lamps – These are so therapeutic with the warming light they give out and are perfect to have on in the evenings at home. I would recommend getting a pack of 2 from Amazon, which you can buy here. (Affiliate link)
  4. CBD products – The CBD industry is rapidly growing and is becoming more and more popular. CBD is known to help with anxiety and I have recently tried this and have felt it has helped me in some way.
  5. Relaxing Music – I highly recommend putting into YouTube ‘relaxing music’ and listening to some of the tracks that come up. Some of these are hours long and are great to put on a night to fall asleep too.
  6. Acupressure Mats & Pillows – These can help to reduce stress and anxiety by releasing endorphins and relieving pain and inducing wellbeing. I would suggest trying out the Bed Of Nails products, which you can buy on Amazon here: BON mat & BON pillow. (These are Affiliate links – I was gifted with mine)
  7. Massage – Going for a massage or pamper treatment every now and again is always a nice way to treat yourself and feel more relaxed.
  8. Candle Burner – I bought an owl candle burner from Wilko for just £3.50 along with the Sweet Strawberry and Red Fruits Fragrance OilWarm Vanilla Pod Oil both for just £1.00 each. These fragrance oils smell absolutely gorgeous, which is very therapeutic and calming.
  9. Comfortable Pillow – I recently swapped my old Primark memory foam pillow to a Rohi Premium Synthetic Egyptian Cotton Pillow from Amazon. I can honestly say I love this pillow and it is so comfortable for my neck and head, as I also have bad posture it is perfect for me. (Affiliate link)
  10. Maca – This can help improve your mood and help reduce anxiety symptoms. I like to use the 5 greens – Organic Maca Powder or Indigo Herbs Organic Maca Powder and mix it with hot water and a milk alternative at night.

These are ways that I have found to help me so far. They don’t cure anxiety, however I feel that they have definitely helped reduce my anxiety and have been there as a safety net for me.

Please feel free to comment below with your own anxiety symptoms and tips.

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